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Super Bowl refers to the American Football game that happens every year summarizing the National Football League. The Super Bowl comes at a time when all the games that began during the summer of the previous calendar year are done and Roman numerals play a huge role in determining the Super Bowl Schedule. History has it that the first super Bowl matchup was held on 15 January 1967. However, this is not the only history that Super Bowl has therefore we hope to learn through the facts that I will provide in this article.

The Super Bowl Championship is a football game that features the best teams in both the AFC and the NFC leagues. These conference championship winning team goes home with the Vince Lombardi trophy not forgetting the bragging rights that the teams strive to achieve. The Super Bowl started in the 1960’s when the AFC league came out and threatened to dislodge the NFC league from its commanding position. After some merger talks, it was agreed that the leaders in both leagues would play in the Super Bowl Championships. Today, this is one of the most watched sporting events and it comes at a time when the regular season is over and the football calendar year is ending as well.

About Super Bowl

Before the Super Bowl games came to place, there was a huge disagreement between the two rival leagues at that time namely the American Football League and the NFL. Due to the disagreements, it was agreed that the teams that finishes top in the two leagues would then face each other competing for the AFL-NFL World Championship. However, this system was only in place up until 1970 when it changed.

The Post-merger Agreements

After 1970, it was agreed that both the AFL and the NFL leagues would be redesignated to “conferences”. Up until today, very many games have been played against the two leagues to determine the champion of the NFL League. Looking at the statistics, the competition has been rather stiff because the NFC has won the championship 26 times while the AFC have won it remarkably 25 times.

The Super Bowl Statistics

Ever since the Super Bowl Championship came into play, the Pittsburgh Steelers hold the record for winning the championships. They lead the pack by winning six championships. On the other hand, the New England Patriots can count themselves as the most unlucky team because they have participated in Super Bowl championships many times as compared to any other team in the league.

The first team to win the Super Bowl Championship was the Green Bay Packers from the NFL league. In fact, they went on to win the first two championships before a side from the AFL league won the championship in form of the New York Jets.

Looking at the individual performance, Tom Brady and Charles Haley hold the record five having the most Super Bowl rings with both having five of them under their belt.

Today, the day that the Super Bowl game takes place is considered an unofficial holiday by football lovers all over the country, the day goes by the nickname Super Bowl Sunday. Continued study shows that only the Thanks Giving day has more popularity than the Super Bowl Sunday in the country. In terms of telecasting, the Super Bowl comes out on top with estimated over half the people in the country watching the game.

The record for the most watched Super Bowl championship game goes to the Super Bowl XLIX that had an estimated 114.4 million viewers. However, this came to no one’s surprise because ever since 2010, the Super Bowl fans started to increase significantly leading to more viewership.

With its ever-growing audience, the Super Bowl continues to rank well against other sports as far as viewership is concerned. In fact, the championship game is only second to soccer’s UEFA Champions League final that comes at the end of each Soccer calendar year.

The Super Bowl Trademark

Due to the games’ popularity, the Super Bowl has a very strict trademark policy. For organizations that do not have the rights to use the trademark name, they always refer to the competition as the Big Game amongst other generic names.

To break it down for you, there is no more expensive commercial time than the one that comes before or after the Super Bowl broadcast. As a result, companies that buy this commercial time makes sure that they are advertising their best goods or services because it is obvious that very many people and potential customers will be glued to their television sets at this time. Today, before the Super Bowl matchup, many people contribute to the various commercials and the routine is almost a norm.

In addition, football fans are treated to a host of some famous artists such as the late Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga (to name a few) performing before the game.

The origin of Super Bowl

As you may be aware, the NFL started in 1920. The league did not have any serious competitor/threat up until the 1960’s when other leagues started forming thereby giving the NFL a run for its money. However, the American Football League is the most notable league that really threatened the existence of NFL. AFL fans started to grow steadily and the league’s popularity increased significantly. As a result, the competition led to some merger talks where it was decided that the finest teams from the two leagues would clash for the Super Bowl.

The first Super Bowl game involved the Packers and the Chiefs a matchup in which the Parkers went on to win easily. However, at that time the game went by the name AFL-NFL Championship game and Super Bowl was not in anybody’s mind. It was in 1966 that the “Super Bowl” term first came up with Hunt (from Kansas City) used it. From there, the name picked up slowly up until today where it is very popular.

What is the price for winning the Super Bowl?

Like is the case with any other finals competition, winning the Super Bowl Championship comes with a trophy by the name “the Vince Lombardi Trophy”. The trophy derives its name from the Green Bay coach who was the first to win it and did so two times consecutively.

Reference from: Wikipedia

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