Super Bowl 2018: Kickoff time, who will win, watch online

The next few hours away the Patriots Tom Brady  and coach Bill Belichick are seeking their sixth Super Bowl title together, and with a rematch of Super Bowl XXXIX from 13 years ago, a game in which the Patriots beat the Eagles, 24-21. The question is will the Patriots win their sixth Super Bowl championship? Or would it be the first time lucky for Eagles to win their first Vince Lombardi Trophy?

Time and TV Streaming: Kickoff – 6:30 p.m. ET, NBC. Stream at, NBC Sports app. “Road to Super Bowl” starts at 12:00 p.m.; Super Bowl Pre-Game starts at 1:00 p.m; Super Bowl Post Game starts at 10:00 p.m.

Where: U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

National Anthem: Pink

Halftime: Justin Timberlake

Here you need to know Eagles vs Patriots football game preview.

Patriots Football: How Can They Win?

The Patriots are known to come from behind many a times, and Tom Brady has been known to be a dedicated winner for many matches. If you are a Pat fan, you would remember just how the Pats were trailing behind as many as 25 points during the third quarter of their Super Bowl matches last year. They came back from that. Just last month, during the AFC Title game, they stuck as many as 14 forth quarter points against Jacksonville.

The Strong Side – What the Pats do seem to do really well is to know how to adjust to the intricacies of the game. Bill Belichick, for one, knows how to tailor the gamplan really well and knows how to take the game to a winning position. That has been on display a number of times recently, whether it be against the Jaguars or other matches.

The game plan against an Eagles side led by Nick Foles has to be different, but we are sure that given the form the Pats are in, they can adjust well to the situation, even if they are not having the right answers from the start.

The Weak Side

They can be a bit crushed if it comes to a good offensive line, and Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is going to ensure that his rotation of players like Tim Jernigan and Brandon Graham can do the maximum damage. It will allow them to pressure the quarterback and get the best results for the Eagles – and Pats will have to do a lot of no huddle to keep the Eagles’ offense at bay.

Why Will the Patriots Win Super Bowl?

The Patriots are the team who knows how to adjust well. They are the team who has got some great quality players. And they are the team who have won the championship as many as five times before. It wouldn’t be that great a deal for them to make it their 6th time, when it comes to battling it out against an opposition who couldn’t lift the trophy even once.

Eagles: How Do They Win?

It’s going to be really difficult for Eagles here – bookies estimate that the Patriots are a good 4.5 point favorites over the Eagles. Some bookies believe that the number of points scored will stand at around 48.5. There are good NFL odds at play here, and both the teams would like to win the Lombardi trophy. The question is, does Eagles have the firepower to do it?

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The Good Side – The Eagles just upset the Vikings last week, and they could do it again today Sunday. The Eagles, after all, finished their regular season on a great 74-72 run.

If Nick Foles has his day, we could see an exciting game indeed. Doug Pederson, who until recently was just a head coach of a high school team, has made the fortunes for Philadelphia surely turn around. His aggressive strategy seems to be working and Eagles are high on confidence.

The Bad – Can Eagles hound Tom Brady to upset Patriots? It is going to be really difficult to ruin Tom Brady led Patriot’s plan. The Pats are known for their in game adjustments, and they have different players to fill each other’s responsibilities. Even if you take away Rob Gronkowski for one you would have Danny Amendola to deal with. Even if the Eagles look for a way to slow down the run, the Pats can look at options like Brandin Cooks to go over the top or show some more aggression with the help of James White and take the game head on.

Why Will the Eagles Win Super Bowl?

However, given the fact that Brady is at the top of his form, even when he is 40 years old, Eagles can do better if they take care and develop a plan against him first.

And it seems Philly is the best person to deal with him, with his ability to create pressure by creating a four man front, but they have to really live up to their potential on the Big Day to make a difference.

Who Will Win? Our Prediction

We would like to believe that Pats will be calling it the shots even this match but we do hope we are in for a surprise.

We believe some of the unsung players could make a difference to the results too – like Trey Flowers, who is one of the better productive players for New England. Kyle Van Noy seems to be another great bet too, who can make the right positive start the team would need.

Patriots 31 Eagles 28

On the other hand, Belichick is one of the best defense players in the team, and can deny opponents strategies before they could understand what’s going on.

The most exciting thing we would be waiting to see? It is the battle of the two coaches, between Bill Belichick and Doug Pederson.

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