Super Bowl 2018 – How the Patriots will Break the Eagles Super Bowl hope

Any game where Patriots vs Eagles are playing is likely to be a highly intriguing matchup where it may not be possible to predict the outright winner. It is because both titans seem to battle on nearly even terms. However, after studying the gameplay of both teams, there is a high possibility that the Patriots will most likely beat the Eagles by five or more points. Patriots have all it takes to exploit the biggest weakness of the Philadelphia Eagles pass defense.

Can the Patriots beat the Eagles in Super Bowl 2018 why and how?

Note that Patriots usually have about eleven drives for every game. If you estimate this by scoring at least 2.6 points for every drive against a good defense, they should end the game by scoring 22.3 points on average. The prediction would be that the Eagles would score 17.7 points using the same method which will give the Patriots a victory margin of more or less 4.5 points.

Further analyzing the successes and failures of the teams reveals that Seattle Seahawks used a rub route combination as a way of producing in the red zone against the Eagles. It is possible that the Patriots could invest in a similar game plan because the rub route is usually a standard part of their everyday offense. Rob Gronkowski, Chris Hogan, Danny Amendola, and Brandin Cooks thrive in this setting earning them big grains. It is safe to say that while the Eagles defense is excellent, their defensive backs and linebackers may not be as talented as those who play for the Patriots.

Tom Brady had never lost a playoff game yet. Tom Brady now at 40 years old no problem, going to his eighth Super Bowl, the first quarterback to ever do this, if you despite his age, the Patriots have the best chance to beat the Eagles. But when Brady suited up for his first one, he was one of the all-time underdogs in Super Bowl history. Once upon a time, the Patriots were a two-touchdown underdog that upset the Rams.

How the Eagles will break the Patriots Super Bowl 2018 Hope, why and how!

Super Bowl will be heavily contested by the Philadelphia Eagles and the Patriots. Any game featuring Eagles vs Patriots is likely to bring a lot of heat to the pitch. This time around, however, Eagles may be well equipped to break Patriot’s hope of going home with the coveted ring. After a comeback win over the Jaguars, Tom Brady and his team will be enjoying their fourth appearance at the Super Bowl in eleven years.

There are rumors that the Patriots will most likely play without their top coordinators an aspect that could work to the advantage of the Eagles allowing them to walk away with the trophy. If the Eagles want to show the Patriots what they are made of their defense has to come up with practical ways of stopping Belichick and Brady. Philly’s front four are without a doubt some of the best in the NFL.

Terrell Owens, who broke his leg in the middle of the season, came back for the Super Bowl 2018. They can take advantage of this enabling the team to pressurize quarterbacks without the need of blitzing. The move will leave fewer openings for Brady to throw into keeping Patriots from running up their scores.

The Eagles should not expect a weak team as the Patriots have already proven their worth marking a record ten Super Bowl Trips. However, if they are smart enough, they can outplay the Pats even if it means that the winning margin will not be too high. Eagles have an incredible chance of leading in the fourth quarter thanks to great teammates, tactic, and coaches that could see them keep the trophy collection in Foxborough.

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