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Eagles Game Preview: Why they will win The Super Bowl 2018

The Philadelphia Eagles are an expert American football establishment situated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Eagles contend in the National Football League as a part club of the class’ National Football Conference East division. The Eagles football franchise was established in 1933 to replace the Frankford Yellow Jackets which became bankrupt. Over the years the eagles have not had the best record of performance. Having never won the Super Bowl ever to dragging in some of the championships has put them under a lot of criticism. They finished 7-9 in the 2016 season, positioning them last in the NFC East. Many expected the performance to worsen but they are in for a big shock as the Eagles are rising and amending their performance. The Eagles seem to be quenching their prolonged drought in their drive to clinching titles. The team has faced a drastic drop in performance after fall out of Carson Wentz who was the best quarter back after getting an injury. However, as at now the entry of Nick Foles is bringing a change as he is filling Wentz gap decisively .Despite the Eagles being underdogs to the Super Bowl championship they are prepared to face off the relentless Patriots dynasty in Super Bowl.

How the Eagles made Super Bowl 2018

Super Bowl LII is going to be the 52nd Super Bowl and the 48th current time National Football League (NFL) championship game. The 2018 NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles will play against the AFC champion New England patriots to claim the 2018 NFL championship. The game is scheduled to be played on 4th February 2018 at U.S Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Philadelphia Eagles football game preview for Super Bowl 2018 vs Patriots. Eagles to wear green as Patriots hope to stay undefeated in white.

The Eagles are looking to win their first time ever Bowl championship while the Patriots are fighting to become the first team to retain their Super Bowl victory after appearing in two consecutive Super Bowls, having won the previous one. What does this imply and are the eagles ready to face the Patriots? Well, from the recent playoffs the Eagles have proven to be on point and have demonstrated the ability to clinch the Super Bowl title this time round.

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NFC: (1) Philadelphia Eagles 15-10 over (6) Atlanta. After a drowsy start in the game, Nick Foles came in as the Eagles quarterback reinforcement. Their safeguard hardened making it harder for the Falcons to change over on a basic fourth down with less than a minute to go which cemented the 15-0 triumph placing Philadelphia in the NFC Conference Championship amusement out of the blue since the 2008 season.

The NFC Championship game also portrayed the undying zeal and energy by the Eagles in making the 2018 Super Bowl title.(1) Philadelphia 38-7 over (1) Minnesota: Even with the Vikings defense that no opponent had managed to break this season, Nick Foles of the Eagles thrashed them for 352 yards and three touch downs. The wins and outstanding performance by the Eagles took them to Super Bowl 2018.

Why the Eagles will win Super Bowl 52

The Eagles are set to secure their first Lombardi Trophy in team history after beating the Atlanta Falcons in divisional level and thrashing the Vikings in the NFC title game. How ready are the Eagles for the big game? With Doug Pederson as head coach, the Eagles seem unstoppable and up for the task. Doug has the players lined up for the game. He has introduced many new ideas in couching which has catapulted the Eagles to the Super Bowl. Having introduced “the pinch” technique of holding the ball where the index figure and the thumb pinch the ball without using the other hand. He has had extensive experience during his 13-year NFL playing career.

Nick Foles is making headlines for right reasons which have spurred the outstanding performance by the Eagles. Foles is the backup quarter back and was thrust into this role after Carson Wentz had a knee injury last month. He led the team to a 38-7 rout of the Vikings in the NFC title game. He shredded them for 352 yards and 3 touch downs finishing at 26 of 33. Having guys like Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson won titles in the past, it’s not insane to think Foles; a guy who plays within himself against a beatable defense could do what’s enough to win a championship. Foles doesn’t have to work this alone as Zach Ertz and Alshon Jeffery are authentically elite passing game weapons at the tight end and wide beneficiary positions. The Eagles have a superior running game, a good run defense and a better overall defense unit. The Philadelphia demonstrated one of the best balanced defenses during the entire 2017 NFL season. The team also has an effective rushing attack which helps them play with more confidence and great teamwork.


Super Bowl 2018 – Focus on New England Patriots Football

Many people are excited about Super Bowl 2018. Of course, in all likelihood, the New England Patriots will be the winners. The triumph of the New England Patriots football team has surprised a lot of people. Chief Executive Officer Robert Kraft helped to make the New England Patriots the successful team that they are today. They’re now leaders within the NFL.

As recently as the early 1990’s, the New England Patriots were not regarded as an especially victorious team. While their performance was never as consistently poor as that of the Cleveland Browns, the New England Patriots have improved a great deal over the years. They’re now one of the most important teams in the entire sport of football. Many people compare them to the Yankees baseball team in terms of the diverse reactions that they inspire.

People who support the New England Patriots are following the news obsessively and loving every single moment of their rise to power. Many people who support other teams are increasingly frustrated by the success of their rivals. Still, it’s possible that there’s no stopping the New England Patriots for this Superbowl.

How the Patriots Made Super Bowl 2018

The Patriots made Super bowl 2018 for a number of reasons. Obviously, most people will say that star quarterback Tom Brady has led the team to victory almost by himself. While he is a deservedly acclaimed player, to say that the victory of the Patriots is entirely due to Tom Brady’s performance is to miss the subtleties of their strategy and the team’s focus on cooperation and intellectual maneuvers.

Meanwhile, Tom Brady in particular has a somewhat tricky style on the field. The patriots offense led the league in yards gained (6,307) and ranked second in points scored (458). The 40-year old Brady finished his 18th season with a league-leading 4,577 passing yards and 32 touchdowns with just eight interceptions, earning him his 13th selection to the Pro Bowl. He’s able to fool players about where he’s going to throw the ball based on the shifting direction of his eyes. Defensive backs are trained to watch the direction of the quarterback’s eyes, so this is a trick that was more or less specifically designed to exploit the abilities that defensive backs are supposed to have. He’s able to use their powers against them.

Still, the Patriots as a whole have a good system for winning. General manager Bill Belichick in particular is known for identifying the weaknesses of the opposing team and exploiting them in a way that is allowed within the rules of the game. Even at the professional level, different teams will have strengths and weaknesses. Bill Belichick has a good eye for strategy, and he knows how the Patriots can legally and effectively influence the opposing team.

If the opposing team is good at throwing, for instance, that team will be pressured into rushing thanks to the actions of the Patriots players. One thing that helped make up for the loss of Edelman would be the new acquisition of receiver Brandin Cooks, who caught 65 passes for 1,082 yards and seven touchdowns. Brady was also aided by the healthy return of Gronkowski, who had played just eight games in the previous season, finishing this year with 69 catches for 1,084 yards and eight scores. The Patriots will have the opportunity to maximize their own strengths as a result.

Why the Patriots Will Win Super Bowl 52

Once again, many people will say that the Patriots are a victorious team because of star quarterback Tom Brady and famous for the 16th time in their 18 seasons under 65-year old coach Bill Belichick they recorded double digit wins. It’s possible that the Patriots would be victorious in Super Bowl 52 even if the team had nothing going for it other than Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

The Patriots also have a special system for dealing with the press that’s fairly unique. More than other teams, the Patriots refuse to talk about any potentially salacious news items related to their fellow teammates or anything else. This makes them better at cooperation. It also makes them more focused on the game itself. This is truly a team that cares more about teamwork than most.

There was a Super bowl tradition involving the players getting introduced one at a time on the field. The Patriots decided to be introduced as a team, running out onto the field at the same time. This is now standard in the Super bowl. However, the Patriots helped to popularize this new tradition. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick were still with the team when this started.

Most people like this new style. After all, football introductions used to take a long time. Introducing the players as members of a team keeps the event going. However, it’s clear that the Patriots have an incredibly team-oriented mindset that still sets them apart from many other football teams. This spirit of cooperation has helped them emerge victorious over and over again, and it will help them win Super Bowl LII.