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Super Bowl 2018 – Strategies for Eagles vs Patriots Sunday Night Game

Die-hard Super Bowl fans expect the Patriots to make a big win in the Super Bowl 2018 come Sunday. Armed with two assistant coaches who are expected to head the team next season, fans have been counting the Eagles out of the game even before the nfl playoffs started. All these are mere speculations as Eagles remain the best team of all time. Here are strategies both teams should use to win the upcoming Patriots vs Eagles game.

What: Super Bowl LII
Start time & Date: Sunday, Feb. 4 at 6:30 p.m. ET
Location: U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota
TV Channel: NBC

Why the Patriots will beat the Eagles game strategies

The Patriots main weapons is Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. The Patriots had the second-worst defense in the NFL this season, gave up 5.7 yards per snap but we need to look for a Reliable Defense.

If Philly defends Eagles’ run, the Patriots will be compelled to look for a player who can guard against his run-pass options while taking away the deep passing game. In fact, if there’s a weak offense, Nick Foles will be expected to hit on deep throws just as in Pat’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Take Advantage of Eagle’s Reshaped Offensive Line

Eagles has restructured its offensive line throughout the season due to injuries, making it prone to communication mistakes. The Patriots can take advantage of this smartly designed pressure using Matt Patricia and Belichick.

Use Patrick Chung to Cover Zach Ertz

The Patriots have a play-making tight end. Evidently, Zach’s is likely to give Patriot a hard time given his last game against the Jaguars. And, since the Pats don’t have a good linebacker who can run with Ertz, Patrick Chung is more likely to be appointed for the job.

Why the Eagles will beat the Patriots game strategies.

I don’t think the Eagles are not an underdog for 2017-18 NFL season. They almost had the perfect season in the NFC. LeGarrette Blount for the Eagles offense scored a touchdown on a league-best 66 percent of red-zone possessions during the regular season. Their 5.3 points per red-zone series were second-most in the league behind the Jaguars.

Hit Tom Brady

Admittedly, the Eagles must look for a good strategy to get to Brady if they are to beat the Patriots. Keep in mind he has only been beaten in 8 out of his 41 dropbacks during the AFC title game. Philly will have to deal with the standard four-man rush since the defense coordinator is a sucker for keeping his veteran quarterbacks happy. If Fletcher Cox, who has proved unblockable this season, plays for the Pats, Philly’s defense should bear fruit.

Nick Foles’ Poor Game

Nick Fole’s is known to struggle more than most quarterbacks especially when he is under pressure as is evident in NFC’s title game. The Eagles’ can take advantage of his poor game by using a player who will make good pass protection.

Look for a Suitable Match-up for Rob Gronkowski

This season, the Eagles are planning to play man-to-man, single-high coverage behind a four-man rush. It presents a big advantage to Schwartz as it provides lots of options when covering Rob. Eagles will be well-served if they used an extra defender- a linebacker or Malcom Jenkins in the middle of the field.

Retain Torry Smith and Alshon Jeffery

The previous offseason saw Torry Smith and Alshon Jeffery signed up to the team. The question that lingered in most people’s minds is how the two big-play receivers were going to fit in with the other players. Evidently, things worked out well with Jeffery taking on a larger role than Smith. Also, Eagles has other reliable offensive weapons- Nelson Agholor who has become a reliable weapon on third downs and Zach Ertz who led the receptions and yardage.

Odds: The Patriots are favored by 4.5 in Tom Brady’s quest for ring No. 6, down from an open of 5.5.